The art of Esterification

After doing the experiment regarding esters I learned that esters have different aroma. It was hard to make an esters. I learned also that esters have different level of acidity. When it is orange or red it is more acidic than yellow. The experiment in total was fun and enjoying. It hard when the solution is been heated because the jar might get broken. In conclusion the experiment was successful because out of 4 test we got at least two results. We got a foul smell and a baby powder smell.



It was easy to facilitate a tournament if the participants are collaborating and cooperating well. We feel no hardships maybe because we know the sport well already, as well as the participants. At the first day we had to stop the game and continue it in day two because some players were injured already. In day two we successfully finished the tournament.


Stacaa is difficult because I’m not used to it. Everything was new to me. The things that we usually do are eating, sleeping, training, and playing our sport, basketball. We are required to be focused in our sport and only our sport. I missed a lot of things, most specially Qiara, my family and friends. I also missed so much in school, projects, missed quizzes and especially midterms. It was harder to play because the competitors were a lot stronger.


Quantum leap

Electron is probability wave.

Quantum leap came from the line “when an atom is heated electron become agitated. it tends to leap from one energy level to another and when it goes back to its ground state they emit different colors”. I realize that all of us are made from atom. it is so hard to understand this certain topic where two great physicists still argued from this issue. I believe that this topic is still a mystery for everyone and especially for me.

The mystery behind everything

As our teacher in Physical Science introduced the course to us, he lets us watch a video about The Big Bang. Everything started because of a bundle of energy that expanded and it happened quickly. I have understood how the elements were formed and brought. I also have learned that the earth before had just molten lava everywhere and it surprised me because it looks so different from the earth today. I did not finish the whole video, but I did learn alot from it. I have learned that we were created because of the explosion of stars called supernova. I still can’t believe that we are just stardust. After watching the video my mind was awaken.

Don’t Quit

Life is strange and full of unusual events. There are times when things don’t go as planned. Along the way, you’ll be facing difficulties which might bring you down to rock bottom.Failure learned that it could have succeeded if it didn’t give up. There are times when you’re left with nothing. The feeling you want to feel is a sense of relief, but all you’re left is stress. Take all the breaks you need, but don’t you dare give up. Your failure can lead you to success. Don’t give up even if others are against you. Even if you are left behind, continue the journey. People only realized that they are one step away from their goal when they have given up. You can never tell the distance between you and the finish line. The opportunities are your challenges. You are almost there, but you kept on telling yourself it’s still far. Don’t give up on the challenges, let the challenges be your strength and improvement to carry on.

Meeting the author of SDTG

I was excited to meet the author, Bianca Bernardino. She’s a nice and humble woman even if her novel is now well known. She face a lot of challenges, but she never quit. Her advise to us when writing a novel is do not quit even if there are only few views. Just try our best to do what we want and to achieve what we want to achieve. We must give our best in what we do in life.She base her personality in all the character and also base the story in her life. She tell us what time she wrote her novel, it is around 2:00 AM. She gave her best to make or create  a wonderful story that  mark in my heart when I read her story that is “She’s Dating The Gangster”.

“Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly.. and he is far from being perfect. But there’s something about him that captivates my heart.What’s so good about him anyway? Is it his radiant smile? His charisma? Maybe it’s his attractive face? I don’t know. But..I’m falling.. hard.”

-Bianca Bernardino

Media and Information literacy

Media is the collective communication outlet or tools that are used to stored and deliver information or data while information is the facts or learned about something, so both of this is important because it can help us in our daily life to give us new things that we not yet learn. It says that it is a vital to the empowerment of people, it is true because it can give all of us knowledge in something. Many things we can learn in media and many informations that the media can give us.

Go Recycling, Go Save Mother Earth


A good way to preserve mother earth creatively in simplest way is to recycle. Through recycling, you will be able to contribute in decreasing our trashes. Moreover, you will be able to make new things out of the trashes. Trashes like plastic cups can be recycled into various things like decorations or pencil holder. If you want, you can earn money by just recycling. The new item formed by recycling can be sold if you wish. You didn’t just earn money but you also help preserve mother earth.

Preserving Mother Earth


There are different ways of saving mother earth. One of these is saving water to save lives. As we all know, water is essential for everyday life and without it, life on earth is impossible. By just turning off the tap while brushing and fixing a leaking faucet can save billions of gallons of water. Another way to save mother earth is to segregate and recycle. We should learn how to segregate properly in order for us to be able to make use of all the trashes effectively. The last and most important way to save mother earth is by being aware. We can make use of the posters and banners to raise the awareness of all the people with the environmental problems we are encountering and how to deal with them.